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The Development of RAF Guns and Ammunition from WW1 to the Present Day AMENDED JANUARY 2017

Tankbusters: Airborne Anti-Tank Guns in World War 2 AMENDED JANUARY 2017

The RAF's 47mm Class P Gun project AMENDED JANUARY 2017

The 6 pdr 7 cwt and the Molins Guns AMENDED JANUARY 2017

Modern Fighter Gun Effectiveness AMENDED JANUARY 2017

An alternative 1930s British Tank Gun - and its Successor AMENDED DECEMBER 2016

French Interwar 37 mm AA guns and ammunition AMENDED DECEMBER 2016


The Case for a General Purpose Rifle and Machine Gun Cartridge  AMENDED NOVEMBER 2016

Assault Rifles and their Ammunition: History and Prospects  AMENDED NOVEMBER 2016

Towards a "600 m" lightweight General Purpose Cartridge AMENDED SEPTEMBER 2016

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