These are the books I most often refer to (apart from my own, and other Jane's Yearbooks, of course!):


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Privately Published Booklets

Edwards, A.O. Headstamps and Markings on .303 inch British Service Ammunition

        A general guide to the subject

Edwards, A.O. Headstamp Guide: .303 inch British Service Ammunition

        Details of known headstamps for every loading (including Commonwealth production), including colour photos of the cartridges.

Elks, K. Japanese Ammunition 1880-1945

The Peter Labbett & Co. Ammunition Guides

Labbett, P. and Brown, F.A. British Anti-Tank Rifle Ammunition 1917-1945

Labbett, P. and Brown, F.A. British Air Service Ammunition Special Loadings .45 inch to .7-07 inch 1914-1918

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Labbett, P. German Cannon Ammunition 1938-1945 Service Calibres 13mm to 3cm (other than 2cm)

Labbett, P. and Brown, F.A. British-Made .5 inch and 13mm Machine Gun Ammunition, not for British Service

Labbett, P. and Brown, F.A. 12.7mm x 108 and 14.5mm x 114 Ammunition (Communist)

Labbett, P. and Brown, F.A. British Service 20mm Oerlikon Ammunition

Labbett, P. and Brown, F.A. British 30mm & 30/20mm Ammunition

Labbett, P. and Mead P.J.F. British 20mm Hispano Ammunition

Labbett, P. British 30mm Rarden Ammunition

Labbett, P. and Mead P.J.F. British Madsen Ammunition

Labbett, P. Russian Small Arms Ammunition 1972-97

Labbett, P. Assault Rifle Ammunition, 5.56mm to 11mm calibre

Labbett, P. The Development in Britain of .30 inch, 7.92mm and 15mm BESA Ammunition 1939-1993


Guns (General - some including Ammunition)

Chinn, G.M. The Machine Gun. Vols I-IV Bureau of Ordnance, Department of the Navy (USA, 1951-55); Vol V RAMP Inc. 1987

Hogg, I.V. Machine Guns. Krause Publications (USA 2002)

An excellent general history, with very useful data tables on guns and ammunition. Published posthumously, and seems not to have been adequately proof-read.

Koll, C. Soviet Cannon. Privately published (2009)

The subtitled says it all: A Comprehensive Study of Soviet Guns and Ammunition in Calibres 12.7mm to 57mm. Absolutely essential, contains huge amounts of information about both guns and ammunition, including colour photos of different ammunition loadings. Nothing else remotely compares with this coverage.

Mellichamp, R.A. The Gun for all Nations: The 37mm Gun & Ammunition: Volume I 1870-1913 . Privately published (2010)

The first part of Robert's magnum opus, decades in the preparation. Descriptions and line drawings by the author of all known guns and ammunition (including different loadings) in this calibre, including experimental items only known from drawings. My only complaint: a lack of technical data.

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