Anthony G Williams

This is pictorial guide to some of the things which caught my eye at the biennial Paris military equipment exhibition. This does, of course, represent only a small fraction of the exhibits at this vast event. I focused on guns, ammunition and armed vehicles, but it seemed as if  every conceivable thing which might be wanted by an army is here (there is very little air force or naval equipment). The exhibition is divided into a huge indoor space occupying a couple of halls (see below), and a big outside area. Vehicle demonstrations were put on at the edge of the site.


This section is concerned with vehicles which carry armament plus the turrets and weapon installations - ranging from manually-aimed machine-guns on light 4x4 to heavy artillery. The trend noted last time for an increasing number of remotely-controlled weapon systems (RWS), aimed and fired by a crewman sitting down in the hull of the vehicle and looking at a video screen, has continued. So has the popularity of the old .50 BMG, which still features in more RWS than any other weapon - and in manually-aimed weapon stations, come to that.

Renault Sherpa with .50 BMG

ACMAT VLRA Open with .50 BMG

ACMAT VLRA Open with 7.62mm Minigun

ACMAT VLRA Closed with .50 BMG

IVECO FIAT Puma (no, not the German Puma!) with OTO HITROLE .50 BMG RWS

OTO HITROLE with 7.62mm MG

You can have your Rafael RWS in .50 BMG

Or you can have the Rafael RWS with a 40mm MK 19

Or you can have both a .50 and a 40mm (HK GMG) in the Rheinmetall RLS 609M modular RWS

...and this is it mounted on a GD Piranha III

Or just get the RLS mount in .50 (this one's on a Fuchs)

 Moving up to the cannon class, this French RWS has both 20mm and 7.62mm guns

...and this is the Panhard VBR it's mounted on

This Centauro Frecchia has a conventional 25mm turret does the M2A2 Bradley

Yet another Rafael Sampson, this time in 30mm (if I can read my notes properly!)

...and this is the upgraded M113 it's sitting on

This is the Piranha Evo with the new RLS Lance RWS, with a 30mm Mauser MK 30-2 and a 7.62mm MG

The 30mm gun of this French RWS mounted on a 6x6 Renault AMC looks as if it needs some ordnance Viagra....

Above and below, the new OTO HITFIST 30mm RWS. This can elevate to 70 degrees and does not occupy any space inside the vehicle

The CV3035 (35mm Bushmaster III) was indoors (above) was the Warrior, with its 40mm CTAI gun in the new MTIP-2 turret (right). I explored both, and the Warrior was much more spacious, especially inside the turret since the gun mechanism occupies little space

Despite the emphasis on modern turrets mounting automatic cannon, the old Panhard ECR90 is still soldiering on with its manually-loaded 90mm gun

The M1A1 Abrams was present was the KMW Leopard (above) and the KMW PzH 2000 (right)


The Patria AMV with the 120mm Nemo automatic mortar provides a more economical form of fire support

The German Boxer was fitted with the Skyranger AA turret with a 35mm Oerlikon KDG revolver cannon...

...while the same gun offers the C-RAM base protection role with its radar mounted separately (see below)

The MLG 27 point defence gun: a land-based version of the naval  MLG 27 which uses the Mauser BK 27 aircraft gun - that really does get around!


Below is the MBDA MPVC with a gun/missile combo.

Right and below: star of the show -  the Renault FT 17 tank commanded the entrance...


A nice display of RUAG small-arms ammo (above), Dezamet rifle grenades (right), and Dezamet 60mm mortar bombs (below)



Below: Denel mortar ammo in 60mm, 81mm and 120mm, 76mm gun ammo, and 105mm plus 155mm artillery shells

left: Denel cannon ammo.

From left to right (front):

23x152B (x2)

20x139 (x2)

30x113B DEFA (x2)

20x82 MG 151

At the back:

35x228 Oerlikon (x2)

MECAR 90mm tank ammo: the front four are for the Cockerill Mks I-III, the back pair for the Cockerill KEnerga Mk VIII MECAR 105mm tank ammo
Diehl PELE ammo in 20x102 and 27x145B Diehl PELE sectioned RWM 30x173 ABM (Air Burst Munition) for MK 30-2 Puma gun
STK 40mm grenade ammo (this Singaporean company probably makes a wider range of 40mm grenade ammo than any other, and supplies the British Army).

Below left is the STK SPARCS: a video recce camera fired from a 40mm LV grenade launcher

Above: a dummy of the 40mm Metal Storm grenade, based on STK grenades but caseless.

Below: three MS grenades clipped together in a barrel


Members of the IWI Tavor family:

Right, the CTAR

Bottom right: the X95 SMG

The rest: the TAR-21 in various guises

Above: the Truvelo 20 rifle in 20x110 Hispano calibre The massive bolt of the Truvelo 20.

Above: 40mm Rippel Effect XGRL40 six-chamber revolver in a vehicle mounting.


Right: a twin mounting for the XGRL40 (I kid you not!)

Right and below: two views of the ATK LW25 Chain Gun, a version of the .50 Chain Gun chambered for the same 25x59B ammo as the apparently defunct XM307 ACSW. More info about the ammo HERE

Above and left: four views of the Czech ZPL-20 and its Plamen gunpod: an aircraft weapon creating  by modifying the Russian GSh-23 (23x115 ammo) to fire US 20x102 ammo

Below: your intrepid reporter adopts an inconspicuous disguise to take his photos....

Right: 25mm Hotchkiss anti-tank gun on guard duty outside the exhibition

Bottom right: one of the few vehicles on display which did not have an overhead weapon mounting installed, but there is clearly space for a gunner, presumably clutching something like a 4.6mm HK MP7, to stick his head out of the roof!