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An introduction to collecting 30 mm cannon ammunition 

An introduction to collecting 23-28mm cartridges

An introduction to collecting 20 mm cannon cartridges

Fakes and Replicas 

The Search for High Velocity

Military Cartridge Relationships 

Of Oerlikons and Other Things….the API Blowback family  

The Experimental US Cal. .90 Series Cannon  

Bofors Automatic Cannon   

The .5″ Vickers Guns  

The 25.4mm Vickers guns 

37mm and 40mm Guns in British Service  

47mm Ammunition for British Service 

The 6 pdr 7 cwt and the Molins Guns 

Très Haute Vitesse  

Split-Breech Guns: The Nutcracker and the 40mm Mk 18   

Less-lethal Ammunition 


There is more to short barrels than just velocity 

Towards a “600 m” lightweight General Purpose Cartridge  

Why bullpups? 

Mortar Ammunition: an international survey 

The .256 inch British; a Lost Opportunity 

SA80: Mistake or Maligned – and What Next?  

On the Terminal Effectiveness of Small-Arms Ammunition 

An Introduction To Anti-Tank Rifle Cartridges  

Grenade Launchers and their Ammunition: International Developments

Some Thoughts on Metal Storm 

The P.A.W. – a new 20 x 42 cartridge and gun 

Options for light/medium AFV gun armament  

Light AFV guns and the WCSP and FRES Scout projects

Bofors Automatic Cannon 

An alternative 1930s British Tank Gun – and its Successor 

Czechoslovakian 57mm AA Gun R-10 

The Red King, the Red Queen and the Vigilante AMENDED MAY 2011

Transitional Anti-Tank Rifle: The Recoilless Carl Gustav M42  

Lahti L35 and Husqvarna m/40 pistols 


French Interwar 37 mm AA guns and ammunition 

Naval Armament – the MCG Problem 

An Alternative Royal Navy for the 1970s  

The Return of the Big Gun?

Short Range AA Gun Systems of the Royal Navy 

Medium calibre guns of the Royal Navy in World War Two

Interwar British Battleship Design


The Development of RAF Guns and Ammunition from WW1 to the Present Day 

Synchronisation Systems 

Will the Fighter Gun Survive? 

Modern Fighter Gun Effectiveness 

Development of Su-27 gun armament

The Soviet GSh-6-30 aircraft cannon

Grabin aircraft guns

Cannon or Machine Gun? The Second World War Aircraft Gun Controversy 

WW2 Fighter Armament Effectiveness  

Ideal WW2 Fighter Armament 

The Prewar Experimental aircraft MGs of Vasily Degtyarev 

The Battle of Britain: Armament of the Competing Fighters

Tankbusters: Airborne Anti-Tank Guns in World War 2 

The Vickers 40mm S Gun with Littlejohn Adaptor

The RAF’s 47mm Class P Gun project 

The Hispano-Suiza HS.404 20 mm Aircraft Gun in US Service

British WW2 Multi-role Plane 

Another Missed Opportunity: the Oerlikon FFL  

The 14 mm 14-Shi Machine Gun of the Imperial Japanese Navy 

The Cannon Pioneers: the Early Development and Use of Aircraft Cannon 

Early Aircraft Armament’ amendments  

Polish Air Force Armament 1918-39

Guns of the Fleet Air Arm