Guns + Ammunition  Home Page of the European Cartridge Research Association Home page of the International Ammunition Association principles of operation of firearms  descriptions of how machine guns work JBM small-arms ballistics calculator IAA headstamp codes for small-calibre cartridges  Max Popenker's excellent site on modern firearms and ammunition. Russian ammunition 12.7-57mm: very detailed Spanish site providing details of small-arms ammunition: comprehensive Swedish military small-arms ammunition the website of the Ordnance Society British artillery in WW2 copies of US military ammunition manuals for sale explanations and lists of current military ammunition Curtis Steinhauer's site for ammunition collectors The Gun Zone - many articles Finnish Army historical guns (all calibres) Japanese automatic weapons  Index of downloadable presentations from the US National Defense Industries Association conferences cartridge identification guide (not all free)

General Military news and information about current defence issues Defense Industry Daily Chinese Defence Today - with details of equipment

Aircraft + Armament Emmanuel Gustin's fighter gun website

AFVs + Armament   WW2 Soviet and Allied tank guns AP performance

Warships + Armament  The outstanding naval weapons site, containing detailed information


DISCUSSION GROUP SITES the author's forum for discussion of all topic relating to military guns and ammunition  IAA cartridge collectors' forum (focuses on smaller calibres) British Ordnance Collectors Network: the best UK site for collectable ammunition discussions (focuses on larger calibres)  the German WW2 ammo site (bilingual, but mostly in German) The Firearm Blog: US blog+discussion site dealing with new developments in military and civilian firearms Think Defence: blog+discussion about UK defence issues  China Defense forum, particularly strong on Chinese military equipment of all services TankNet: a group with some very good contributors on tank development, plus other aspects of military technology Warships1 site, with discussion groups on warships but aircraft and land forces also